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The first and only Fintech Association on Curaçao

The Fintech industry focuses on the application of technology and innovation to make financial products and services more effective and/or more accessible for users and businesses.

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Why is FinTech it important?

The World economy is evolving ever so depending on digital technology to make improvements, reduce cost or deliver new opportunities. The ability of any nation to stay connected in this new reality requires it to evolve with it. Therefor It is imperative for citizens and businesses to offer and consume services by use of digital technologies.


By enabling access to basic financial services such as mobile money and e-wallets, fintech companies enable more people to participate in a more financially inclusive world.

Helping business

to accept remote payments creates more opportunities for entrepreneurs to do business and innovate.

Benefits for CurFin Members


we lobby and negotiate on behalf of our members.


access to the Association’s mailing list, for business development, social networking, information sharing, etc.


access to our “Member Only” database section of our website, which contains a wide cross-section of regulatory, compliance, and research information as well as industry-specific statistics and other data.


up to date informed on what’s happening in the industry.

Type of Members

Full members*

A company or corporation operational in the Fintech industry, being a technology company, payment processor or service provider that is established in Curacao; Full members have voting rights. Each member represents 1 vote.

Affiliate members*

institutions, corporations and/or individuals which are key stakeholders in the Financial Services industry being, government departments, a regulatory authority, consultants or any institution that is able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Board to have interests that align with the stated purpose of the CFA and are not considered FinTech companies themselves.

Honorary members

Individuals who are no longer representatives of a Full member and who have performed outstanding services to CFA, being an honorary individual to CFA in recognition of their work for the association. Affiliate members have no voting rights.

* Membership fees apply

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Meet the Board

Geraume Bor


David B. Levy Maduro

Vice Chairman

Efia Luis


Somesh Nagdev